EM Abbott’s Perk Me Up Concealer

I hope to graduate this spring. Other than the pressure of doing the best possible in all of my classes, there’s also the pressure of looking my best for senior portraits. I have bags under my eyes, scars from zits, and redness around the corners of my mouth and under my lower lip.

I have never owned concealer. I have been a Bare Minerals baby for a while now and I use my foundation to multitask as concealer. Tbh though, I was never quite satisfied with the effect so I shopped around. I came across Everyday Minerals and bought their Abbott’s Perk Me Up Concealer to try.

As advertised, this concealer has a peach-hue.

I have no swatches since the concealer doesn’t show on my skin at all. Talk about the perfect color match!


– The product is very creamy. It applies well and requires minimum effort to put on. Hopefully you can tell from the picture that the concealer has zero chalkiness.

– Even when you apply almost nothing, you get amazing coverage. I might even go as far as to say that you don’t want to put more than almost nothing, since it may amplify the problem rather than reduce it.

– While this product primarily for under eyes, I found that it does an excellent job eliminating redness.  I am very pleased with this since my current BM foundation is not kind to the redness on my face.

– You will get your money’s worth. At $8 you get 5.5 grams of the product, and you’ll be using this for quite a while.


Just one: it is easy to apply too much. Simply put, be  careful you don’t become a reverse raccoon!


Excellent product and I’m so glad I bought it. I would recommend that before you take this for a show-offy spin, that you practice putting it on a few times to avoid reverse raccoon. In my experience, the concealer is also great for redness so don’t be afraid to try that.

I would complain that the concealer does not do a very good job covering up my zit scars but then again the product is primarily for under eyes.

IMPORTANT: I should say that the first time that I used the concealer, my skin reacted with some itching. Though not unbearable, it was not something I could ignore either. However, over the next few times the itching decreased and eventually went away completely. I guess my skin was adjusting to the lauroyl lysine, an ingredient not in BM products.


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