Hello world!

It feels good to be back.

Because an occasion like this deserves a sign

You are probably thinking, This is your first post, lady. No, it’s not. But if you meant that this is my first post as a non-teenager, as a young woman almost done with college, and as a generally happier and more satisfied individual, then yes, this is my first post.

I gave up blogging a few years ago because I just did not have the time. There was a point too when I was simply tired of everything, even writing. It was scary.

Just like it was scary firing up this blog. It’s like suddenly having to sit in the subway with an ex you haven’t seen in ages and he actively makes conversation. At one point you think, Really? You’re really doing this? And at another point, you think, I missed this. I’ve forgotten how much fun this is.

And now, I hope to remember.


What are you thinking?

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